Anonymous inquired I've read in interviews that LITW was/is a way of dealing with grief for you. Sorry if being inpolite but who did you lose? And how exactly does running a brand help? But it's good though.

I lost my father at the end of 2011 due to a sudden tragic accident. LITW is a way of dealing with grief for me in the sense that everything I do is a tribute or a message to my father. Kid Cudi says “Work so hard not to go insane - it’s a full time job not to lose my faith.” - And that pretty much describes my life ever since that happened. I always work on stuff so that I don’t think about all the negative bullshit in my life. Only thing keeping me sane but at the same time makes me go insane. Life is strange.

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Anonymous inquired When are new clothes releasing? That dipdye tee you did last year is amazing. Very underrated. Wish I knew of it back then.

Sooner than you think. You’ll be in for a treat, trust me.

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bestupidandgocrazy inquired Hello there, how can you have such an awesome label, be so cool and still be single?